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Our Mission

We Stand Together, Inc. is passionately dedicated to inspiring hope and strength, while providing support to individuals and families in our communities impacted by cancer.

What We Do

We Stand Together, Inc.,  organizes various events in an effort to educate, inspire, and bring awareness to cancer. 


We provide financial assistance to individuals and families in need that have been impacted by cancer.


We organize various events to inspire hope and bring awareness to the community.  Join us for our next event!


Our Impact


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Members Served

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In Financial Assistance 


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In Scholarships



I'm thankful for the Natalie Marc Surpris Scholarship because it gave me the opportunity to voice the experience that I've been through ever since I lost my father.  But I have learned to still live my life to the fullest in service to our loved ones we have lost along the way.

Having a sick parent while being away at school has taken a toll on me emotionally.  I am so grateful to have received this scholarship and be able to connect with a group that is understanding of this situation.  As nobody truly understands what it is to have a family member with a terminal illness other than those people who are going/been through it.

M. Livemore
Financial Assistance Recipient

I would like to say a huge thank you to you and We Stand Together for your assistance. This award will help me both financially and emotionally and it will take care of a bill that is concerning to me. Thank you again.

C. Dorvilier
Blue Hope Table Talk Panelist
Colon Cancer Surivvor

It was an honor  to be a participant in the Blue Hope Table Talk.  Thank you for allowing me to engage with your audience and share my story as a Colon Cancer survivor.   The information shared at the event by the panelist was valuable, impactful and informative.  I would like to personally thank We Stand Together for a phenomenal conversation about colon cancer.   

L. Tomberlin
Scholarship Recipient

B. Lambert
Scholarship Recipient

I will never forget the impact being honored with the SCS Award has had on me as a breast cancer survivor.  Being honored in this way has provided me the opportunity to strengthen,  edify, and encourage many others who has been impacted by cancer.

Forever Pink Soiree meant a lot to me. It was a great experience.  It really made a big difference in my life.  It made me braver than I believed and stronger than I seemed.

Thank you so much We Stand Together for the awarded financial assistance. It will be helpful towards bills that would have otherwise gone unpaid while I complete treatment. My family and I are grateful for your help!

I'm grateful for the  Pink Soiree because it made me realize  that my struggle was not in vain. That me surviving cancer  brought hope to other cancer survivors.

U. Joseph
Forever Pink Soiree Honoree

L. Noel
Forever Pink Soiree Honoree

LP Kirkwood
Financial Assistant
Program Recipient

D. Pilgrim
Forever Pink Soiree Honoree

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Get Involved

We Stand Together is always in search of additional fundraising and sponsorships.  Every dollar donated helps us provide support to individuals and families impacted by cancer. 



Monetary support is critical to We Stand Together, Inc. Mission

Join us in making a difference in the lives of individuals and families.

For Sponsorship opportunity and information please contact us at

(954)667-9336 or

Thank you to our sponsors
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