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Our Core Events

Forever Pink Soiree Breast Cancer Awareness Gala - FPS

Forever Pink Soirée is an exciting night of lavish entertainment set to showcase the strength, courage, and power in all cancer survivors. It is a wonderful evening of celebration for all of our guests. The main objective for the evening is to honor survivors and highlight their stories in a very uplifting way.



Blue Hope Colon Cancer Awareness 5K

The Blue Hope 5K is a hybrid event that encourages health wellness and helps bring awareness to colon cancer in our community.  The event starts off with a warm up session with a fitness instructor and DJ that helps really get the heart pumping and the crowd moving. Participants are able to walk, run, or bike for a great cause as we celebrate and honor cancer warriors and survivors.

Additional Events


Blue Hope Table Talk

The Blue Hope Table Talk Virtual event is an informative and interactive conversation about colon cancer and health awareness that includes moderators and a group of panelist.  The Participants are encouraged to join the conversation and ask questions.  The participants will leave gaining a great knowledge of colon cancer, the symptoms to be aware of, preventative measures, and screening options.

Blue Hope Community Health Fair - Colon Cancer Awareness Event

The Colon Cancer Awareness “Blue Hope Community Health Fair” is a day of celebration and hope. The health fair will encourage individuals and families in the community to live healthy lives and allow them to engage in public conversation about common health issues and concerns. We have doctors and nurses on hand to provide medical information and screenings. We also provide resources, nutrition and fitness tips for colon cancer prevention. The Community Health Fair includes food, games, prizes, vendors and live entertainment.

Blue Hope Brunch Colon Cancer Awareness Event

The Blue Hope Brunch is a day filled with fun, inspiration, entertainment, hope and awareness. Colon Cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer and is now affecting women and men at a very young age. We Stand Together, Inc. is determined to bring more awareness and educate families on this type of cancer, by holding impactful community events such as the Blue Hope Brunch.