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In Loving Memory


"Natalie’s strength and her wonderful faith in God was unwavering and inspirational.  She inspired and touched the lives of so many throughout her cancer journey.  She was a true warrior who impacted so many and taught us to never give up. She never allowed cancer to steal her joy and defeat her, and because of that VICTORY remained hers. She fought a good fight, she finished the race and kept her faith." (2 Timothy 4:7) ~ Natasha Mathias

1976 - 2019


Natasha Mathias

Co-Founder & President


Natasha Mathias is the Co-Founder and President of We Stand Together, Inc., Nonprofit Organization.  Natasha also brings more than two decades of experience as an elementary school teacher, dedicating herself to educating and positively influencing the lives of young children. She finds joy in teaching and strives to make a meaningful impact on the development of children.

Natasha also loves planning events and was the former Event  Sales Manager for N.U.E. Event & Planning Services.  As an Event Planning company she and her twin sister Natalie decided in 2012 to utilize their passion and creativity to host the "Forever Pink Soiree" Breast Cancer Awareness Gala, which aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and celebrate the survivorship of cancer patients and caretakers.


When Natasha’s twin sister Natalie Surpris - former President of We Stand Together, Inc. was diagnosed with Stage lV Colon Cancer in 2015; Their commitment to raising awareness of cancer within the community intensified significantly. This led to their decision to formally establish We Stand Together, Inc., in 2016.

After experiencing the difficult cancer journey her twin sister Natalie went through; suffering the pain of losing her in February of 2019, Natasha became dedicated more than ever to raising awareness of cancer, inspiring hope and strength in the community; and ensuring that cancer patients and their families know and understand the same motto she used with Natalie while she was battling cancer - No one Fights Alone!

Natalie Marc Surpris



Natalie Marc Surpris former President of We Stand Together, Inc. Nonprofit Organization, battled colon cancer which inspired the birth of We Stand Together, Inc. A nonprofit organization built on Standing Together to make a difference in our communities.

On March 11, 2015, Natalie was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer.  Cancer was something she was well aware of, and through her event planning company, N.U.E. Event Planning & Services, she was an advocate in the fight against cancer.  While advocating and bringing awareness to this horrible disease, Natalie never would have thought that she would endure this battle.  However, because of the platform with planning and executing the “Forever Pink Soiree” Breast Cancer Awareness Galas, and hearing the inspirational stories shared by cancer survivors; helped her and her family prepare for this difficult journey that she experienced with being diagnosed with cancer. Natalie passed away in February of 2019 after a 4 year battle with cancer.

While going through her personal journey with Colon Cancer, Natalie’s devotion to bring awareness to health disparities, and bring hope to families through philanthropy work became one of high priority. It was her hope that We Stand Together, Inc., Nonprofit Organization continues to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen communities in the entire world.

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